Honda CBX1000 Keihin VB - Comprehensive Carb Kit

Honda CBX1000 Keihin VB Comprehensive Carb Rebuild Kit. Perfect for the complete rebuild of your standard CBX Carbs, this kit contains;

  • CBX Carb Rebuild Seal Kit -  includes 49 Viton 'o' rings,  6, airscrew stainless washers, 6 Viton float bowl gaskets, 6 needle valves, 6 Viton float bowl plugs, 4 rose joint dust seal rubbers and 2 'T' piece breather replacement rubbers (exclusive to the Super Sport Shed)
  • JIS Screw Kit (65)
  • Air cut off Kit
  • Accelerator Pump Kit containing the diaphragm and the shaft sealing bellows

UPDATE - This kit now comes with 12 gold zinc choke plate screws. 

Please note it does not include any jets or brassware

A stand alone seal kit can be found here.

Our Youtube channel has a video about carb removal here.



In stock (can be backordered)

Registration Number: 132 396 97              VAT Number: 372 982 264
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