Honda CBX1000 Z/A Complete Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit

Honda CBX Z/A Complete Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit. This kit uses OE or OE quality pistons and quality seal kits that we use on our rebuilds and restorations.  

Kit consists of ;

2 x Front caliper seals

1 x Rear caliper seal

2 x Front caliper pistons

1x Rear caliper piston

3 x Bleed nipples

We have found cheap after-market stainless pistons at a similar price to be undersized and therefore they leak break fluid.  

The Honda OE part 45107-415-006 - Front Piston

The Honda OE part 45107-410-006 - Rear Piston

  • Please note red brake grease is no longer included as of 07 November 2022

A caliper seal rebuild kit can be found here if pistons are not required.


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