Honda CB1100F Keihin VB56 VB57 Professional Carb Kit

Honda CB1100F Keihin VB 56 & 57 Professional Carb Kit.

Professional carb rebuild kit for the Honda, VB series carb fitted to the inline 4 Hondas using the VB carbs 56 & 57  They may fit other variants of the VB series carb.

THIS KIT DOES NOT FIT THE CB750F, CB900F or CB1100R... see our dedicated listing for this product.

This kit includes

14 x Viton O rings for the air screws, fuel rail, and drain screws.

4 x Viton float bowl gaskets

4x Air cut-off valves (specific to the CB1100F)

4x Float needles.

4x Air screw washers

6 x Throttle felt damper seals

8x Choke plate screws

8x Inlet butterfly flap screws

4x Float drain screw

Complete JIS screw Kit


We recommend that only experienced carb rebuilders use this kit as removing and re-aligning the butterfly flap without damage is not a straightforward task and could cause running issues.

The accelerator pump for US versions can be bought here


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