Honda Keihin VB CBX1000 Carb Rebuild Seal Kit

Honda Keihin VB CBX1000 Carb Rebuild Seal Kit

We believe this to be the best value carb kit available for the CBX1000 anywhere, the T piece breather rubbers and dust seals are manufactured by us and exclusive to the Super Sport Shed. All these components have been carefully sourced and tested by the Super Sport Shed and are used in our carb rebuilds on a regular basis.

This kit includes 49 Viton 'o' rings, 6 airscrew stainless steel washers,  6 Viton float bowl gaskets, 6 needle valves, 4 rose joint dust seal rubbers and 2 'T' piece breather replacement rubbers, 6 Carb bowl plugs and an accelerator pump split pin. UPDATE - This kit now comes with 12 gold zinc choke plate screws. 


Please note this kit does not include any jets or screws. Our Comprehensive kit come with new JIS screws, which can be found here.


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In stock (can be backordered)

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