Honda CBX1000 Complete Engine Seal Kit

Honda CBX1000 Complete Engine Seal Kit.

Kit consists of;

10 x Oil plug/gallery 'O' rings

4 x Oil pump & hose 'O' rings

1 x Tacho drive 'O' ring

1 x Ignition pick up 'O' ring (primary shaft)

1 x Clutch adjustment plug 'O' ring

2 x Crankcase gallery 'O' rings

2 x Primary chain tensioner seals (15mm - please check your size as some are 14mm which we currently do not supply)

Oil Seals - output shaft, primary shaft/jackshaft, alternator seal, ignition pick up, clutch lever, gear change, tacho drive.

This kit DOES NOT include gaskets & valve stem seals


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In stock (can be backordered)

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