CBX 1000 Professional Carb rebuild Kit

This kit came about due to the inferior quality products we found in the marketplace both on ebay (after purchasing and evaluating all of them) and from other sources some well-known including Japan-sourced products. With our 42 years of manufacturing in the automotive & aerospace sectors, we decided to source design and manufacture this product to exacting quality standards.

This professional kit is probably the most comprehensive CBX1000 carb kit globally, made up of a number of exclusive components carefully sourced, designed or manufactured by The Super Sport Shed. The FKM material we use in all our rubber components exposed to fuel is resistant to ethanol-based fuels and is designed in to meet SAE J1748-2018. Make sure you ask your supplier if this is the case with their kits NOT JUST THE O RINGS, it's now a must for any classic car or motorcycle. If you can find this quality and comprehensive product, at a superb price anywhere on a like-for-like basis we guarantee will supply you with a kit FOC no questions no qualms provided it can be evidenced.

This seal kit comprises of ALL the 49 Viton O rings required for a complete service/rebuild including the 6 airscrew washers, 6 Viton Float bowl Gaskets, 6 Viton float bowl plugs, 4 throttle joint rubbers, and 2 T piece breather rubbers. The screw kit includes 65  JIS screws for the casings and brackets, 6 screws for the butterflies and 6 screws for the choke flaps and finally 6 drain screws.

Included are replacement tab washers for the throttle joints (exclusive and manufactured by us) and 10 off damper felt seals for the butterfly shafts. The kit in addition comes with both the replacement accelerator pump diaphragm and the air cut-off valve.

We can supply the replacement overflow tubes (which microfracture) on request.


Note1:- we do not recommend you use ethanol-based fuels but these components will help if you have no choice due to the supply of ethanol-free fuel.

Note 2:- This is a product designed for the trade, we have used it in-house and sold over 100 kits in the last year alone, please enquire if you are trading in CBX for volume prices.


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