CB900/CB1100RB/C/D (not the F) DOHC Carb Seal Kit

This carb seal kit is a kit that every Honda CB900/1100R owner will need to rebuild their carbs to renew all the seals and gaskets after many years of use. The Kit includes the 4 air cut off valves that are required to keep your bike in peak running order. However, please note this kit does not fit the CB750 DOHC or the CB1100F (we can supply it on request) 

All of the seal's gaskets and rubber plugs are made of VITON (FKM), this will reduce the impact of ethanol-based fuels which are now prevalent across the globe, without VITON your rubber components' life will be reduced.

The kit is made up of the following

4 x needle valves

4 x air cut off valves

4 x float bowl gaskets

4 x carb rubber plugs

6 x fuel rail O rings

4 x float bowl O rings

4 x Air screw O ring

4 x diaphragm piston O rings

Please note, that these kits are used in our workshops on a regular basis with the float needles being the correct height on stock serviceable carbs to maintain the float fuel level. We cannot warrant the correct float level height where the seats have been damaged/corroded/cut. We can address these issues at an additional cost for you if the correct float height cannot be achieved.


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