Replacing Foot Rest Rubbers On Aluminium Pegs

This process is a tried and tested method, but is undertaken at your own risk. No warranty is given for the loss of the footpeg rubber under any circumstances.

What you will need:-

Replacement footrest rubbers - (can be found here

Sandpaper 60 grit

Silkaflex at 552 primerless adhesive or similar adhesive. Windscreen adhesives can also be used if you cannot source Silkaflex in your country, however, do not uses cyanoacrylate (superglue or epoxy-based adhesives (We do not warrant the loss of rubbers under any circumstances using this or any other adhesive).

Masking tape

The aluminium must be 100% clean before starting the glueing process. The old rubbers can be removed with a small hacksaw and a Stanley knife.

If you use a M8 bolt you can mount the aluminium peg in a vice to make it easy to work on.

The aluminium footrest must be treated with 60-grit sandpaper on the surface that is to be glued to the rubber.

The rubber must be ground with a Dremel tool to make the rubber surface rough in order to get a good attachment. Please ensure that all the rubber that contacts the aluminium must be surface ground.

When the surfaces are treated the glueing has to be done immediately. This is important because aluminium quickly oxidises and the adhesion can therefore be reduced.

Glueing can be done with Sikaflex at 552 primerless adhesive. There must be a layer of glue of approximately 2mm minimal to ensure a good attachment.

Put the adhesive on the aluminium peg and a little bit on the rubber, rub it in on the rubber surface in order to get a good attachment.

Watch out when you are glueing that you do not press too hard on the rubber peg. There must be approximately 2mm thickness between the rubber and aluminium

You can grind a bit of profile in the rubber for more attachment as shown in the image above.

When the glueing is done allow the footrests 1-2 weeks for curing.

You can protect the aluminium peg with masking tape so you can get nice sharp edges.

If the preparation is not done correctly, there is a likelihood that you will lose the new rubbers whilst riding and many people have! This approach is a tried and tested method undertaken many times successfully using this adhesive but as mentioned no warranty is given for the loss of a rubber.

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