About Us

Cary Knapton started his career as an indentured Instrument Maker working in the aerospace and nuclear power generation sectors. During these years he supported many projects with clients such as Rolls Royce aero engines & BAe Systems.

Having since owned 3 engineering businesses he & Karen retired to their holiday home in South Africa in 2010 and caught the CBX & CB1100RC addiction. This became a hobby initially, and during this time he fought many wrecks and restored them back to their original condition, more than 20 CBX1000 & CB1100Rs personal projects passed through the workshop during this time. He spent many years working alongside Chris Magri the leading CBX guru in SA who has owned a CBX since 1978 and worked on CBX's full-time since 1985.

After returning full-time to the UK in 2019, Karen & Cary created the Super Sport Shed to share his knowledge and ideas with fellow enthusiasts and in turn for others to share their knowledge and passion back. The hobby has now become a business with the remit to ensure a fair price with excellent quality. We supply a large range of parts, some old and some new for the CBX predominantly.

With our significant past experience in the engineering and manufacturing sector, we have and are able to design, copy and manufacture new ‘old’ parts for your vintage motorcycle.

With our global network of partners, we can bring your project back from the barn or storage to sit proudly in your garage or even the living room!

Call us for a discussion on what we can offer you and your motorcycle.

Registration Number: 132 396 97              VAT Number: 372 982 264
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