The Super Sport Shed

The SuperSport Shed is built on 40 years of precision engineering knowledge and manufacturing. The experience gained has been put to good use to ensure the Super Bikes of their day can now continue into the future for further generations to ride and enjoy.

With a network of  Partners and good friends who share our passion, we are able to support a one-stop shop to restore your bike back to superb condition, either as a daily ride or a concourse investment.

Our in-house specialty is rebuilding engines and carburettors for the Honda CBX1000 and Honda DOHC range from 1970’s & 80’s. We will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements to get your motorbike back on the road for your enjoyment.

We have the capability to manufacture many parts and will work with you to meet your needs and share this capability with other owners so everyone benefits for the good of generations to come.

Registration Number: 132 396 97              VAT Number: 372 982 264
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